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Circular Strength Training Group eXercise 2 DVD Set
Circular Strength Training Group eXercise 2 DVD Set
Circular Strength Training Group eXercise 2 DVD Set
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"With CSTGX, you engage more than merely your optimal physical expression. You tap into the limitless energy within you, the melding of mind, body and spirit, where all things happen effortlessly and perfectly. This psychophysiological event can only be described as flow-state - what is often called The Zone in athletics. Most programs focus on improving fitness through exercises such as squats, lunges, presses. These linear exercises execute in only 1-2 planes. But in the real world, every physical activity demands movement in 3 dimensions. Circular Strength Training not only includes the linear, but also develops the crucial “real world” rotary and angular/ diagonal strength to bolster the prime movers. Using my signature 3D Fitness Protocols increases stability, enhances injury prevention, multiplies force production and most importantly, stimulates the neuromuscular patterns required for fast, fluid, fitness forever." - Scott Sonnon
The Circular Strength Training Tri-Ring Integration allows you to balance work and recovery so that you maximize the effectiveness of your exercise, while accelerating recovery so that you prevent injuries, pain and soreness. Uncover how specifically programming your warm-up, work-out and cool-down determines the percentage of successful results you achieve, and the painful injuries you sustain.
Through life, injury, and attitude, you develop compensations which impede your performance. But also through each and every movement you train. Every exercise is subject to “specific adaptation” - and unless specifically compensated creates first - diminishing returns, then plateau, then regress, followed by pain, injury, illness and eventually death: a process that can happen at an imperceptible crawl, or swiftly and acutely.
Scott Sonnon called upon the work of Dr. Stephen Levin’s biotensegrity, Dr. Nikolai Berstein’s biomechanics, and Drs. Vladimir Frolov’s and Konstantine Buteyko’s respiratory science, when he developed Circular Strength Training to seamlessly integrate joint mobility, multi-planar progressive resistance and compensatory movement. What began as a means for Scott to overcome the genetical obstacles he faced during childhood physical and learning disabilities, has grown exponentially over the past 20 years to become a well-supported system to inform the next generation of exercise physiologists and strength conditioning specialists.
Circular Strength Training classes teach six main points:
1. The “map” of the 6 Degrees of Freedom: the joint motions, the function and the significance of each movement.
2. Tri-Ring Integration™ (program design): to specifically interweave warm-up, work-out and cool-down from a mechanical, energetic and coordinative perspective through mobility, resistance and compensation.
3. The Breath Mastery Scale™ of the 5 levels of respiratory efficiency: using breath as the objective verification of progress and warning flag of regress.
4. Poise Analysis™ (visual assessment): to determine the 4 compensation impediments to performance act as the starting point for program design, through a trademarked movement screen and corrective exercise technique.
5. The Component Learning Technique™: to dissect the 7 key biomechanics of a skill, tweak the deficits and overcompensations, and seamlessly reassemble the skill in order to maximize motor mastery through incremental steps.
6. Training Hierarchy Pyramid™ (periodization model): to coalesce seasonal and annual progress into one contiguous approach to “peak” optimal performance, not merely in sport and vocations, but in life.
  • 2 DVDs
  • running time: 2 hours 5 minutes
To learn more about CST Group eXercise, as well as view an Introductory Video with Scott Sonnon, please visit our

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