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Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength - DVD
Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength - DVD
Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength - DVD
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sonnonprofile6.jpgClubbells are internationally recognized as efficient and effective tools for both conditioning and rehabilitation. Starting with the basics, Coach Scott Sonnon teaches you the fundamentals for a lifetime of Clubbell® training. Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength is your DVD guide to learning:

  • Safe training guidelines and basic principles of Circular Strength Training.
  • Basic features and leverage training advantages of Clubbells.
  • Performance breathing and correct posture to maximize the benefits of your practice.
  • Basic Positions: Floor Park, Order, Shoulder Park, Chest Park, Back, and others.
  • Ballistic Exercises: Various Swings, Cleans, Pendulums, Circles, and other moves.
  • Grinds: Arm Cast, Shield Cast, Parry Cast, Head Cast, variations and more.
  • Advanced Moves: Drumming, Seesaw, Leverage Press, Muscle Out and more.
  • Combinations: Swipes, Mills, Warrior Be Strong, Moulinet, and many more.

It’s easier to learn movements once you’ve seen them done correctly. Strongly recommended for Clubbell® users of all levels, the Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength DVD is one of the best training investments you can make. This video has a running time of 56 minutes.

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