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FlowFit® II : Ground Engagement DVD (DIGITAL FORMAT)
FlowFit® II : Ground Engagement DVD (DIGITAL FORMAT)
FlowFit® II : Ground Engagement DVD (DIGITAL FORMAT)
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Please Note: FlowFit II is Available Only in digital format!

The Evolution of Your Fitness Life...

It’s here for you right now!!!

What happens when you combine an International Hall of Fame award winning fitness program with a best selling formula for optimal flow in life?

You Get Absolute Magic!

As the industry leader, RMAX has been praised for redefining fitness - even by its competitors! But this didn’t happen without a battle. RMAX had to drag the fitness industry kicking and screaming into the realm of grace, poise… and FLOW.

As a result of many years of behind the scenes one on one training with thousands of personal, elite athletes from around the world, International Champion and Master Coach Scott Sonnon developed two of the most powerful fitness technologies ever created: the Hall of Fame award winning Ground Engagement training program and the best-selling pinnacle of The Path Workshop - the trademarked FlowFit® Formula.

He has now gone beyond even this to fuse them together into his most powerful tool to date.

As a follow up of the best-selling FlowFit™ program, FlowFit II Ground Engagement™ resembles aspects of martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and break dancing. These disciplines have been fused together to create a program that refines the art of “falling”. This program presents an exercise art-form using maximum efficiency to move from vertical to horizontal back to vertical again. Flow is the essential expression and experience of human grace and FlowFit II™ promises to propel your flow into a state you never dreamed possible.

100% Guaranteed Fitness Secrets!

Scott has been quoted as saying, “There are no secret techniques, only secret training strategies.” The secret training strategies that you will learn here will not only give you access to the elusive quality of FLOW, they will also be the most fun you’ve EVER had while getting fit with your friends and family!

Fast And Furious Fitness! -Jim S., Toronto, Canada

"So Awesome My Kids Joined In The Fun!" -Tammi Pfeuller, Arizona