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Keeping your body fit and healthy starts by creating healthy habits for yourself. The best habits that you can have are to regularly workout and to eat healthy. However, one of the hardest parts about keeping up a regimen like this is to balance it with your personal life, especially if you have a significant other. You need to prioritize your health over anything else, but what if your routine was something that you could get your partner involved in? Luckily, HEARTFIT from Coach Scott Sonnon solves this common issue..

HEARTFIT is an easily accessible couple’s workout system which can be done alone if you’re single, exclusively for personal wellness or together with a loved one, best friend, and even your children. Perform one workout a day for a minimum of 7 days (and as a long as you wish thereafter.) Each of the 7 workouts involves light to moderate intensity mobility exercise. Each workout takes approximately 24 minutes (plus a few seconds to transition between exercises).

Each workout includes four powerful but simple mobility drills and four shallow-range release poses. The secret sauce here is that the movements target specific areas of the body where your central nervous system organizes specific mental concerns and emotional issues such as the Root, Crown, Brow, Gut and so on. By moving those areas, you stimulate ideas on how to work through the concerns and issues (which you are encouraged to journal throughout the program) to create better, healthier solutions for you as an individual and as a couple. Using the manual, each workout provides you with a chance to identify areas of concern or interest, to select or create your own affirmation for your thoughts, and to examine how these thoughts evolve before and after the workout is performed.

HEARTFIT can be used as a standalone practice, or in combination with existing training, as the light intensity “workouts” will benefit everyone with their mobility, compensation, and emotional release components. Package includes 28 instructional videos, an exercise guide, and the HEARTFIT program manual.