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Hardwork™ 3 DVD Set
Hardwork™ 3 DVD Set
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Multiple-sport International Champion, Multiple-time Hall of Fame Inductee and Multiple-time USA National Martial Arts Team Coach Scott Sonnon and his elite performance enhancement squad of RMAX Staff Coaches, Joseph Wilson, Dani'l Chomycia, Ryan Murdock and Brandon Jones, present what could be described as the most evolutionary approach to martial art ever be presented on digital video.

Hardwork™: Killing Me Softly is the culmination of an actual live training event conducted by the entire RMAX Head Coaching Staff, filmed at a live training seminar conducted in Scottland. Together, the RMAX Staff introduced a collection of athletes from around the world to the incremental progression from Softwork to Hardwork™; what Coach Sonnon names, “Effective Efficiency,” and what others have named, “The Internal Martial Art of the 21st Century.”

Within this DVD, you will learn strategic insights, tactical drills, technical secrets, and a wealth of developmental exercises which you can practice at home, at your school or at your gym to increase your physical preparedness in ANY martial art system or style. Get prepared for the next step in the evolution of martial art: Hardwork™!

This four hour long DVD set includes:

  • Striking & kicking
  • Shock Absorption
  • Grappling & ground-fighting
  • Throws & takedowns
  • Single & multiple attackers
  • Knife defense against single and multiple opponents
  • Physiological and Psychological manipulation
  • Emotional control in combat Environmental combat multipliers
  • 3 DVDs: 2 Hardwork DVDs, plus bonus disc Combat Warm-up/Cool-down
  • Running time: ~ 4 hours!!!

  • Hardwork™ DVD Movie Trailer

Note: No Shipping to the UK: RMAX.tv Productions initially granted distribution rights for this title to a company in the UK. However, since RMAX no longer maintains a business relationship with this company, RMAX.tv Productions elects not to make any referrals to the said company.