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Immovable Object Unstoppable Force™ 2-DVD Set
Immovable Object Unstoppable Force™ 2-DVD Set
Immovable Object Unstoppable Force™ 2-DVD Set
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Defend against throws and apply your throw attacks from any position! Scott Sonnon, International Champion and former Head Coach of the United States Sambo teams, teaches how to master the art of throwing. Based on universal biomechanical principles, Immovable Object Unstoppable Force (IOUF) breaks down the anatomy, physics and mental components of throwing into bite-size pieces that can be applied to any throwing art.

IOUF Part 1: Hyperfunction

This part introduces the first critical principles of anatomy and throwing strategy. The concepts presented can be used to enhance your current takedown practice and enable you to learn new throwing methods more rapidly. Some of the major concepts presented and demonstrated include:

  • Hyperfunction and why it is preferable to inducing dysfunction
  • The Triangle Point: What it is, how to find it, and how to use it
  • Joint Loading and use of natural motion to bypass reflexive bracing
  • Joint articulation and use of force vectors for enhancing throw effectiveness
  • Biomechanics of gripping and developing grip strategies
  • Determining shared force vectors and their applications in throwing
  • Demonstrations of applications, setups, throws, solo and partner drills and more

io16pic.jpgIOUF Part 2: Quantum Gripping

Coach Scott Sonnon expands on Part 1 and goes deeper, explaining in detail why "a great throw is less." He presents a thorough analysis of how to develop and use grip strategies to gain the upper hand. You will learn:

  • The 3 primary grip strategies: Confirmation, Counter and Release
  • Frames and the use of forearm rotation
  • Countergrasps and use of the "middle space" between attacks
  • Jacket fencing - use of the belt, lapels and other jacket grips
  • Spine articulation for increasing throwing speed and power
  • Exploration of Parallet and Concurrent force vectors
  • Use of Power Transfer and Locking arms
  • Use of range, footwork and grip to change the Joint Mass Center relationship
  • Leg fencing to create more throwing opportunities
  • Integration of full-body articulation and the principles presented in three dimensions
  • Solo and Partner drills for development, and how to develop your own original drills

io17pic.jpgIOUF Part 3: Joint Mass Center

"He who controls the middle controls the fight." Improve your ability to prevent being thrown and to throw from virtually any position by knowing how to control the center. Coach Scott Sonnon explains and demonstrates:

  • Use of three-dimensional and compound hyperfunction in creating opportunities to throw
  • Fundamental Movement: Figure 8s in developing throws, leg fencing, and other relevant skills
  • Leg Fencing tactics: Posts, Sweeps, Reaps, Hooks and Elevators
  • Footwork tactics: pelvis integration, Box Step, Slingshot and Knee Screws
  • Joint Mass Center: definition and how to take control
  • Immovable Object: use of the Joint Mass Center and Triangle Point to prevent being thrown
  • Stance Integrity: alignment, breaching, supporting legs and removal of critical joints
  • Partner Drills: Practicing principles for defense and offense, examples of incremental progression, putting it all together
  • Throw Renovation: demonstrations of principles applied to traditional throws and common grappling situations

Practice of the concepts presented will allow you to internalize and express them in your own practice. The methods demonstrated are not presented as rote technique, but as examples of the concepts in application.