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Mobility Ring (ABS Plastic)
Mobility Ring (ABS Plastic)
Mobility Ring (ABS Plastic)
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The Original Mobility Ring:

Designed for use with the Mobility Ring Program and the Mobility Ring Matrices,  the smooth surface can be gentle on dense tissue, so you can also stay ahead of the development of issues. If you regularly use the Mobility Ring, you can use itís smooth surface as a self-diagnostic to make certain youíve released excess tone before it becomes leathery.

This unique application of the Mobility Ring is the of its kind to:

1. Address the inaccessibility of current myofascial release tools to address the fine, spiral patterns of the upper extremities, which foam rollers cannot access due to their shape.

2. Combine a comprehensive system of joint mobility with myofascial release in a spectrum of self-care, in a stand-alone methodology which represents comprehensively sufficient approach to injury prevention, training recovery, and occupational compensation for the upper extremities.

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