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Mobility Ring
Mobility Ring
Mobility Ring
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Scott Sonnon's innovative Mobility Ring program uses a simple gymnastics-style shaped ring to address one of the most complex multi-joint areas of the body: the human arm.

The human arm, comprised of the hand, elbow, and shoulder joints, makes for one of the most common, and expensive, injury prone limbs of the body. The extensive myofascial lines that attach throughout the arm can be followed all the way up into the neck and spine. This, along with being one of the most dominantly used appendages, makes the health of our arms and shoulders a critical factor in the function and shape of our bodies.

Mobility Ring is not a stretching program; it is a protocol for the development of functional athletic tension, mobilization of the joints in their full range of motion, and activation of the muscles to perform at their optimized occupational readiness. Coach Sonnon will take you through the carefully developed science of this approach and how it applies to the body, then breakdown each of the drills and their intended sequences for maximum results.

A truly unique program for all fitness enthusiasts, professional or amateur athletes, and those who strive to achieve the highest level of occupational physical readiness; the Mobility Ring program by Coach Scott Sonnon is a must have and a must learn.

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