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Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series
Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series
Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series
Your Price: $76.95

If You Would Like a Digital Download of the 3 DVD Set, Please Use this Digital Download Link to Checkout. An Email With Instructions On Downloading Will Be Sent To Your Inbox Within 24 Hours.

Serving as the USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion (the official martial art style of Russia) and the 3rd style of international wrestling recognized by FILA, Scott Sonnon was awarded the Honorable Master of Sport for his contributions to his sport. First exposed to kettlebell lifting in Russia in 1996 for sport-specific applications in Sambo, and combat-applications with the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), Scott began rigorous study and application in professional sports and the real world of military and martial art fighting. Scott studied with the two most well-known coaches in kettlebell lifting: Valery Fedorenko and Pavel Tsatsouline.

Due to his array of childhood physical and learning disabilities, Scott developed a unique coaching style based upon teaching motor development in a universally successful manner that all people can benefit, not just the elite 2% who can learn just be copying a technique. The name “Coach Sonnon” as he is known to his students, has become synonymous with “Health-First Fitness” in that Scott’s approach has become a guaranteed method of improving one’s fitness in a pain and injury free manner, one that bolsters immuno-function (a fortress strong immune system), enhances proprioceptive awareness (our “bodymind”) and improves the over-all essential synergy of the myofascial matrix (the origami like net of connective tissue which gives us grace, poise and mobility.)

For a complete description of this Foundation DVD Series, as well as an Introductory Video with Scott Sonnon, please visit our Official Kettlebell Foundation web site.