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RESET DVD - Digital Download
RESET DVD - Digital Download
RESET DVD - Digital Download
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Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement Technique

Develop Six Times Faster Recovery and Hit Target Zone Six Times Faster
with Scott Sonnon’s Revolutionary RESET Program!”
Proven By Students Worldwide

5X USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion Scott Sonnon spent 6 years studying “fringe sciences” in the former Soviet Union with their National and Olympic Coaches, as well as with their Special Operation Unit Trainers. Upon returning to America, he combined his experience in sports biomechanics, stress physiology and combat psychology to create a unique and powerful ally for those athletes who seek an unstoppable edge over their opponents.

He was branded a “heretic” by traditional Sambo “politicians” because of his unwavering support for his mixed martial arts and submission fighting athletes. But Coach Sonnon has always shared his discoveries with athletes of any background, because he believes that evolution is more important than preserving an “ Old World” paradigm.

Though his tools were forged in the fires of competitive fighting experience, his techniques and methods have trickled out into other amateur and professional sports, including the NFL, NHL and MLB, and even into scholastic sports programs… with incredible success!

Unfortunately, most people add in performance enhancers as a substitute for proper conditioning, nutrition, planning and execution. Most people use performance enhancers like dumping a fuel enhancer into a car’s gas tank when it’s empty, when there’s no oil, when the battery’s dieing, with no power steering fluid, when the chassis is about to fall apart and when the driver is drunk.

You can’t run your car on fuel enhancers, especially when everything else is in disrepair. And even if it’s in full repair, you must synergize the timing of all of the components before adding an “enhancer.” That’s why it’s called an “enhancer”.

The Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement Technique (RESET) produces immediate, proven results, and with 2-4 months of consistent practice those results appear to be ongoing and permanent.

Through Coach Sonnon’s signature blend of performance breathing exercises, solo vibration drills and low-tech biofeedback, RESET improves athletic:

    • Economy: less total energy expended
    • Efficiency: more utility from total energy expended
    • Energy: by releasing unnecessary expenditures

Coach Sonnon has such confidence in this trademarked “RESET Button” because his students have had a 100% success rate in applying it in the real-world. In this DVD, he’s made this Amazing Technique available to everyone regardless of age, skill, occupation, or previous experience!