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RMAX Library
RMAX Library
Retail Price:$1,816.60
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This amazing array of resources includes 44 DVDs, 3 books, and 2 manuals, and puts the world's most advanced and comprehensive approach to physical culture at your fingertips.

  • Going Ballistic: Circular Strength Training for Boxing manual
  • Three-Dimensional Performance Pyramid manual
  • Be Breathed™ DVD
  • Prasara 2-DVD set
  • FlowFit® DVD
  • FlowFit® II DVD
  • Forward Pressure™ DVD
  • Softwork™ Integrating Structure DVD
  • Hardwork™ 3-DVD set
  • Softwork™ 2-DVD set
  • Immovable Object Unstoppable Force™ 2-DVD set
  • RMAX Powered Internal Martial Art DVD
  • RMAX Powered QiGong DVD
  • RMAX Powered Running DVD
  • The Big Book of Clubbell® Training
  • The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training 5-DVD set
  • 4x7: The Magic In The Mundane 4-DVD set
  • Intu-Flow® 2-DVD set
  • Ageless Mobility DVD
  • R.E.S.E.T. DVD
  • Sambo MMA Leg Attacks 2-DVD set
  • Prasara Instructional DVD
  • Grappler's Toolbox Reborn DVD
  • Mastering the Saddle 5-DVD set
  • Prasara Yoga Book
  • Free To Move Book
  • Official Kettlebell Foundation 3 DVD set
  • Circular Strength Training Group eXercise 2 DVD Set

Take advantage of this incredible value on the wide array of programs available from RMAX International. Order the RMAX Library and SAVE $583.40

Included in the purchase of this product is a FREE 20 Page (PDF) 'Pain Free Mobility' 8 Minute eBook.