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RMAX-Powered QiGong - Volume 1 DVD
RMAX-Powered QiGong - Volume 1 DVD
RMAX-Powered QiGong - Volume 1 DVD
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Qigong (Chi Kung) has been taught in China for centuries as a health system and longevity program. Qigong can be translated as breath skill or breath work. Almost every culture has taught a system of health and longevity by one name or another. Most of these systems resemble each other in movement, philosophy or both. Qigong systems make bold promises like:

  • Energize your body and mind to feel more alive
  • Find and attain deep levels of tranquility
  • Naturally heal your body
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Enhance your flexibility and mobility to enjoy easier, pain-free movement
  • Lose weight
  • Develop muscle tone
  • Gain control of your movement

The most misunderstood component of the system is that, these benefits will only happen if you subscribe to particular cultures belief system, or spiritual practices. In this ground breaking course, Joseph Wilson demystifies Qigong; he breaks down and explains basic movements that anyone can do. He explains how and why this wonderful ancient practice has been around and been successful for over 5000 years. Join in on a workout that truly anyone can do and benefit from.

Joseph Wilson has been studying martial arts, physical culture and yoga for over 30 years. He owned and operated the Memphis Martial Arts Center the largest school in Memphis, Tennessee, and traveled around the world coaching thousands of his athletes to personal excellence. Now he has devoted his service to the community as a full-time Law Enforcement officer.

  • Running time: 25 minutes