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TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm
TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm
TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm
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Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher developed TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm to fill the void that exists in the fire service for aspecific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program. They have scrutinized common fire ground tasks and selected exercises that mimic these tasks. In other words, the skills that firefighters perform are the basis for the exercise selection throughout the program. TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement and mobility with specific focus on joint health, active recovery and injury prevention. In this program you will find over 15 hours of video content that includes 114 instructional videos and 59 Follow Along Videos. The TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm Training Manual includes the training calendar for the program, program charts for each daily workout, a basic nutrition guide and theTACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System and scoring calendar to help you optimize your success with the program. TACFIT Fire Fighter:First Alarm is a comprehensive andspecific firefighter fitness program developed for firefighters, by firefighters. TACFIT Fire Fighter: Changing and Saving Lives Together.

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