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TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System
TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System
TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System
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TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System is a movement based medicine ball training program. Using applied biomechanics and stress physiology, Scott Sonnon modified existing medicine ball training research and equipment through two methods - Elastic Explosiveness and Core Activation - to create an injury-free approach to the modality, but moreover, the most effective method to train with medicine balls and achieve sustainable results. 3 levels of Progression promise make this program perfect for all skill levels. A Start-up Guide, 6 Daily Journal Calendars, and a wealth of instructional and follow along videos will guide you through the Medball PDS program and ensure you get the most from your training.

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#1 Unique Virtue of the PDS Medicine Ball Training - Elastic Explosiveness

With the popularity of fitness "Games" came the mutation of technique into performance: how many times can you move a weight, rather than how well does your body fully adapt to a range of motion. Whether slammed or thrown, two hands or one, recent competitiveness in output favors quantity over quality. 

From a standpoint of biomechanics, it requires a significantly higher degree of total joint movement in order to explosively transfer small resistance than smash a large one. However, because of the thrown and slammed nature of popular medball training, most people don't realize the poor technique they're using until they've repetitively performed it to the point of injury. If you didn't let go of the ball, you'd know the degree of "retributive strike" your poor form incurs. This accounts for people suffering pain and injury in the recent popularity of medicine ball training. 

Our myofascia (our muscle and our connective tissue acting in unison) acts as a body-wide system of rubber-bands pulling inward, with hard compressive struts pressing outward. When sequenced properly, you develop the outward expression of power while remaining safe: pain free and injury free. We see this effortless expression in the actions of any athlete, yet it is ignored in fitness, because trainers do not treat clients with the same precious care for skill development, such as a coach treats an athlete. 

This is the essence of medicine ball training: you drive your legs firmly into the ground, rotate your hips, coil your spine, explosively exhale, lock down your shoulder, drive your arm locked and let loose. Like all TACFIT programs and equipment, your effort pours into your technique, rather than merely the volume or weight loading the body. 

#2 Unique Virtue of the PDS Medicine Ball Training - Core Activation

Your core was designed to resist rotation. The more that your core can resist rotation, the greater you integrate upper-lower body strength transfer through the movement. If you want a stronger upper body, connect the lower body to it; if you want a stronger lower body, connect your upper body to it. This connection can only happen through training your core to resist ALL of the degrees of freedom that it can be forced to moved. 

Your "Core" involves 6 aspects in the shape of a cylinder, encasing your organs: your rectus abdominus (or your "six pack"), your transverse abdominus (or your "corset"), your obliques (or your “suspenders”) and your multifidus (or your "mast"), your thoracic diaphragm (or your "dome") and your pelvic diaphragm (or your "floor"). In concert, these 6 aspects resist all 6 directions of rotation. Neglect any of them, and you compromise your strength and safety.

PDS Medicine Ball Training, in technique use and workout sequencing, uniquely deepens the depth of control in all 6 degrees of rotation: Twisting Right and Left (called Yaw), Bending forward and backward (called Pitch), and Tilting Right and Left (called Roll). Trained in concert, this 6 directional tension aligns the spine and improves your posture, tightens your waist and trunk, and delivers more circulatory power throughout your body. Every activity and exercise you do improve as your core strengthens. 

TACFIT programs exhibit a systematic simplicity which both overly-complicated and ambiguously random programs cannot approximate. No matter where you go, and when you have the moment, no matter who you are, you are your own gym. TACFIT programs are proven to be safer yet achieve more results, are less expensive, and easier to navigate than any other fitness approach ever. 

The Proximal-Distal Sequencing "PDS" System of Medicine Ball Training: Anywhere - Anytime - Almost Anyone 

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