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TACFIT Rugby Manual (PDF)
TACFIT Rugby Manual (PDF)
TACFIT Rugby Manual (PDF)
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TACFIT Sports presents the all new TACFIT Rugby. This revolutionary training manual will absolutely transform the way you train for Rugby. The easy-to-use format explains the essential components of TACFIT Rugby training, including considerations for positional players. The exercises in this program have been reversely engineered ensuring that Rugby athletes maximize their benefits from their training.

The 100+ page manual includes detailed descriptions for dozens of these unique exercises, with key training cues. By grouping the exercises in related progressions, the manual allows the coach to quickly customize the workouts to meet individual athletesí needs. This means everyone can work out together and reap effective results.

The TACFIT Rugby manual provides detailed calendars with months' worth of workout schedules for use during the three main components of the sporting year, allowing the coach to begin reaping the benefits of TACFIT Rugby training at any date:

- The competitive season

- The true off-season

- Pre-season preparation

Score sheets are provided for each of the workout protocols, so you can track and compare performance over time. The programs are delivered in electronic PDF format, for convenience and portability. The score sheets and calendars can be printed out for use in the field. Simply put, this is the easiest and most effective Rugby training program available.

The TACFIT Rugby manual gives coaches and players a blueprint toward achieving elite Rugby performance.

For more information - TACFIT RUGBY

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