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The Golden Three of CST - Be Your Own Gym!
The Golden Three of CST - Be Your Own Gym!
The Golden Three of CST - Be Your Own Gym!
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Among the wrestlers of ancient Persia and India, three particular exercises were the focus of their personal conditioning: the dive-bomber, the nose bridge and the ball of foot squat. However, these were exercises specific to wrestling, mutated from the millennia of safety proven techniques of hatha yoga: the dog press (Downward to Upward), the wheel (chakrasana) and the standing squat (utkatasana). Wrestling is a sport, though. And like any sport, what's used to win a game is often at the expense of one's health and fitness. Moreover, you can achieve the same, if not greater, conditioning rewards without the joint connective tissue damage of the dive-bomber (shoulders), the nose bridge (neck) and the ball of foot squat (knees).

Scott Sonnon meticulously recorded, explored and refined the optimal fitness techniques which gave him the ability to continue to win international championships in various sports, and he's still going stronger and healthier than ever. Over the past two decades he has applied his "simply sophisticated" perspective of using very gradual baby steps to develop one's integration of breathing, movement and structure to the above problem, and created the ultimate solution: CST's Golden Three.

In particular these three programs address CST's safe, results-producing and fun exercises which constitute the core competencies of Prasara Body-Flow™: the Quad Squat (in Forward Pressure™), the Trinity Squat (in FlowFit®) and the Spinal Rock (in Be Breathed™). Together, this powerful fitness trilogy will give you access to not only unlimited strength and conditioning, but more importantly health, longevity and pain-free flow. Tap into the same CST ocean of fitness which has given rise to champions not only in diverse sports, but also champions in daily life for the entire, LONG life with CST's Golden Three

The Golden Three of CST Package includes:

Breathing is a fundamental part of every activity, yet less than 10% of people have physiologically normal breathing. To perform at our best, breathing must be integrated with our movement as the brain withers without oxygen and thrives when bathed in it. Be Breathed is a foundational program for training total breath integration and core strength through a full range of motion.

“Being breathed” by your movement is exercise, not breathing patterns. Patterns are your habits; whereas exercise enhances your current pattern.  Rather, you Be Breathed to increase the efficiency of your breathing patterns. However, there’s an even more subsequent benefit: Be Breathed as a means of optimizing respiratory performance in the presence of stress and through the medium of anxiety. Life does not happen in a vacuum.  You’re fraught with internal and external stressors that seek to deteriorate your health, state of being, and performance. Be Breathed trains you to operate within this volatile and viscous medium. Read more about the Be Breathed program by clicking here!

FlowFit® is a 4-Phase, incrementally-progressing multi-movement chain from Prasara Body-Flow Yoga™ - uniquely constructed based upon Scott Sonnon's years of championship coaching and competing at an international level in multiple sports. He learned that to be successful, not just in the short-term of an event, but in the long-term of life, you need to address every angle of the human motor condition, called the Six Degrees of Freedom.

Coach Sonnon artistically composed this equipment-free course to take you off the couch for those with even the most basic fitness level using a stool or chair as an aid. If you've never done any fitness exercise, Phase 1 is where you begin! Following the easy-to-understand guidelines, FlowFit® will catapult you to Phase 4 optimal athleticism in only a few minutes each day! This DVD is specifically designed to peak your fitness in only 14 minutes through Coach Sonnon's unique, proprietary method of Intuitive Training, which is thoroughly though simply explained in the introduction. Read more about this program by clicking here!

Forward Pressure: The Yang of Yoga is a 3 phase, incrementally progressive Prasara Body-Flow dedicated to the development of power to yield, halt and overcome forces in the frontal plane: the eccentric, isometric and concentric strength of the core and all four limbs. This course was uniquely crafted from Scott Sonnon's years of championship coaching of thousands of athletes as well as competing himself at an international level in multiple sports.

It is named the Yang of Yoga to metaphorically refer to the rebalancing emphasis that this style of yoga intends. We’ve seen a recent fixation on the yin aspect of yoga: referring to the releases of connective tissue and joints. The yang aspect, contrarily, alludes to muscle and movement. You need a total integrated path for yourself. Sometimes you need to be gentle and release, to concentrate on centering your thoughts and controlling your emotions. Sometimes, on the other hand, you need to take action, to move and writhe in the ecstasy of physical life! It's all in balance.

No style of yoga is superior. No yoga is THE way. Yoga is about creating YOUR way. Forward Pressure will contribute to your opportunity to do just that. Find out more about the Forward Pressure program, including a full description by clicking this link!

A revolution in "health-first fitness", Circular Strength Training is a highly useful alternative view of movement exercise. The programs have won awards, inductions to the hall of fame, and are widely used by universities and colleges, group fitness instructors and personal trainers, strength coaches and professional athletes, martial arts, yoga and Pilates schools, celebrities, doctors, therapists and chiroprators, special forces and more! Don't wait any longer, start exercising your body in a way that is Health-First, Holistic, Functional and Fun!