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The Golden Three of CST - Be Your Own Gym!
The Golden Three of CST - Be Your Own Gym!
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Among the wrestlers of ancient Persia and India, three particular exercises were the focus of their personal conditioning: the dive-bomber, the nose bridge and the ball of foot squat. However, these were exercises specific to wrestling, mutated from the millennia of safety proven techniques of hatha yoga: the dog press (Downward to Upward), the wheel (chakrasana) and the standing squat (utkatasana). Wrestling is a sport, though. And like any sport, what's used to win a game is often at the expense of one's health and fitness. Moreover, you can achieve the same, if not greater, conditioning rewards without the joint connective tissue damage of the dive-bomber (shoulders), the nose bridge (neck) and the ball of foot squat (knees).

Scott Sonnon meticulously recorded, explored and refined the optimal fitness techniques which gave him the ability to continue to win international championships in various sports, and he's still going stronger and healthier than ever as he approaches his late 30s. Over the past decade he applied his "simply sophisticated" perspective of using very gradual baby steps to develop one's integration of breathing, movement and structure to the above problem, and created the ultimate solution: CST's Golden Three.

In particular these three programs address CST's safe, results-producing and fun exercises which constitute the core competencies of Prasara Body-Flow™: the Quad Squat (in Forward Pressure™), the Trinity Squat (in FlowFit®) and the Spinal Rock (in Be Breathed™). Together, this powerful fitness trilogy will give you access to not only unlimited strength and conditioning, but more importantly health, longevity and pain-free flow. Tap into the same CST ocean of fitness which has given rise to champions not only in diverse sports, but also champions in daily life for the entire, LONG life with CST's Golden Three! (Not to mention save $15 on this combined purchase...)

The Golden Three of CST Package - DVD includes: