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6° Flow
6° Flow
6 Flow
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The total-body, muscle-building, fat-burning, pain-free flow program which inserts effortlessly into your calendar!

You can now access this transformative package anywhere, anytime, with anyone at any level! No parking spaces, no traffic jams, no membership fees, no competitive onlookers, no creepy participants, no uncomfortable environment whatsoever. Save yourself the gas money, too, on those lost transit hours. Just you, your flow, and your fitness results. Restore your vibrant, pain-free range of motion and quality of movement, while rippling new strength and melting old fat. Get all of the physique by-products of FEELING AWESOME!! Prepare yourself to be shocked at the simplicity of the program design.

What do you want to be fit FOR: For now and in pain, or forever and free?

Place your highest premium on power, strength, endurance, stamina or physique. But ultimately, these are merely means to an end; an end which, if they fail to fulfill that end, categorically define you as "unfit." Sorry, but it's my job as a coach, to not try and seduce you into reading, but to give you an opportunity to shake yourself from the slumber into which the media and marketeers compel us to fall comatose. We need to keep each other awake. We need to ask: for what are we becoming fit?

For many decades of focus, our society has emphasized physical fitness, we have become distracted by only the outward appearance of fitness, and by the quantifiable output of "objective" performance. Fitness doesn't matter if it decreases your quality of life. No one wants to be the most attractive cadaver in the cemetery, nor have the tombstone epitaph of "heaviest lift but shortest life." Many experts have taken to explaining that exercise is like a sport (if not actually, a sport). Therefore, they advise you that you should anticipate injuries and expect to eventually no longer be able to perform without agony and decrepitude. These excuses rationalize the belief system which has made means into ends in themselves; they've mistaken the process for the product. One virtue defines the ultimate goal of all physical exercise. We use common descriptions for it, because it answers the question "fit for what?" What are you becoming fit FOR? You want to be pain free? You want to be able to do the physical tasks and activities which we encounter without fear? You want all of our range of motion? You would love to have all of the beautiful physique by-products of poise and grace? THEN, YOU WANT FLOW!!

Does your fitness increase your flow in life?

Is your exercise increasing your ability to experience a robust physical life, devoid of pain? Or are you on the death-row of fitness, anticipating the inevitable decline or catastrophic injury which will end your physical vitality? Regardless of what you've been taught before, or what has been beaten into you, this ultimate physical experience of flow is not just for the un-aged. It can be as ageless and elegantly simple as increasing a range of lost motion, relishing a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) wind, or spending an entire day playing soccer with your kids and grandkids with no limitations and dread of tomorrow's pain.

Discover more about this revolutionary Flow program, by visiting the full sales page, which includes testimonials, Q&A's, and so much more!

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