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Be Breathed™ - DVD
Be Breathed™ - DVD
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srbutterfly1.gifBreathing is a fundamental part of every activity. To perform at our best, breathing must be integrated with our movement. Be Breathed is a foundation program for training total breath integration and core strength through a full range of motion.

Mastering integrated breathing immediately enhances training in other Circular Strength Training and Three-Dimensional Physical Preparedness programs.

The Performance Breathing protocols demonstrated can be applied to any athletic activity or practiced alone for total core development. Coach Sonnon gives you the concepts and methods needed to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Body as a Bellows: Be Breathed by your structure and movement
  • Fundamental exercises and variations for standing and seated positions
  • Floor Work: Methods of practicing lying down
  • Full core activation: why you never need to do crunches again
  • Using the Control Pause to achieve peak performance between breaths
  • Perpetual Exercise and how to work out any time, any where
  • Key Exercises: Butterfly, Pike, Straddle, Hurdler, Shin Box Pike
bb1pic.jpgBe Breathed is a program that challenges advanced athletes and encourages beginners. Running 50 minutes, it is available in DVD. Physician's approval is recommended before starting if you are pregnant, on medication, or under medical care.