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CST Introductory Package
CST Introductory Package
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This unique package introduces you to the entire CST system, all three rings. Don't let this chance pass you by!

The package includes:

Today, Americans, young and old, are placing undue strain on their joints and muscles through vigorous and improper workouts, and are hurting themselves more than ever before. Popular fitness activities such as yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, cycling, tennis, soccer and others have immense physical benefits, but can lead to arthritis, joint and ligament tears, joint pain, and muscle strains.

Scott Sonnon, founder of RMAX International, USA National Team Coach and International Martial Arts Champion, has developed Circular Strength Training® (CST), a new three-ring health and fitness system designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Sonnon’s Health First and Forever approach, intended to protect joints and muscles, has been successfully used by tens of thousands of people around the world.

CST’s “prehab” formula of pain-free mobility, dynamic flow yoga and natural athleticism is designed to prevent physiological damage and reduce future joint pain. The three rings of CST can be performed individually, or as a complete program to achieve the best possible results. The three rings are:

Ring #1: Intu-Flow® Mobility Wellness

This flowing, intuitive harmony of uncomplicated movement, structural body alignment, and simple breathing, assesses and addresses areas of weakness. Intu-Flow® brings needed nutrition to connective tissue to “oil the joints” and revive natural abilities and movement. Intu-Flow® provides:

  • Deep relaxation and tension release
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Enhanced joint mobility and sensory awareness
  • Superior athletic performance

Ring #2: Prasara Yoga (Six Degrees of Freedom)

Prasara Yoga provides counterbalance to the body through dynamic flow yoga, compensating for positions adopted during daily routines or prior activities. Prasara Yoga’s Six Degrees of Freedom are:

  • Heaving: Moving up and down
  • Swaying: Moving left and right
  • Surging: Moving forward and back
  • Pitching: Tilting up and down
  • Yawing: Turning left and right
  • Rolling: Tilting side to side

Ring #3: Clubbell® Athletics (Swinging Weights)

Use of RMAX’s patented “weighted bats” breaks up restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits around joints, releases bound tension, generates energy and vitality, increases bone density, and prevents injury. Clubbell Athletics:

  • Advocates swinging moderate weights instead of lifting heavy weights
  • Provides three dimensions of resistance
  • Delivers maximum balance of mobility and stability
  • Corrects balance of tension on joints and muscles

Included in the purchase of this product is a FREE 20 Page (PDF) 'Pain Free Mobility' 8 Minute eBook.