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FlowFit DVD
FlowFit DVD
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FlowFit® is a 4-Phase, incrementally-progressing multi-movement chain from Prasara Body-Flow Yoga™ - uniquely constructed based upon Scott Sonnon's years of championship coaching and competing at an international level in multiple sports. He learned that to be successful, not just in the short-term of an event, but in the long-term of life, you need to address every angle of the human motor condition, called

The Six Degrees of Freedom

  • Heaving: moving up and down;
  • Swaying: moving left and right;
  • Surging: moving forward and back;
  • Pitching: tilting up and down;
  • Yawing: turning left and right;
  • Rolling: tilting side to side.

By magically addressing each of the 6 degrees of human movement freedom in one concise Prasara flow, amazing results happen not merely immediately, but perpetually... for as long as you continue to practice the minimum of only 14 minutes, 3 times per week. FlowFit® is specifically, scientifically designed to be:

  • available to all skill and fitness levels;
  • almost infinitely flexible, with no two workouts ever the same
  • requires only 14-18 minutes a session;
  • used for anything from a gentle tai-chi like meditation, to a warm-up, to a brutal butt-whipping workout,to a cool-down;
  • covers all basic fitness elements in only an hour a week;
  • a stand-along, one-stop, biggest bang for your buck fitness program;
  • an introduction to Coach Sonnon's amazing Prasara Body-Flow Yoga™ system;
  • the first follow-along fitness routine in history specifically, scientifically designed for the removal of fear reactivity.

Coach Sonnon artistically composed this equipment-free course to take you off the couch for those with even the most basic fitness level using a stool or chair as an aid. If you've never done any fitness exercise, Phase 1 is where you begin! Following the easy-to-understand guidelines, FlowFit® will catapult you to Phase 4 optimal athleticism in only a few minutes each day! This DVD is specifically designed to peak your fitness in only 14 minutes through Coach Sonnon's unique, proprietary method of Intuitive Training, which is thoroughly though simply explained in the introduction. The DVD is broken into three sections:

  • Theory Introduction: the theory and application of Intuitive Training;
  • Exercise Instruction the mechanics of breath, structure and movement in each exercise;
  • Flow Chains: the four follow-along, incrementally progressing multi-movement programs.