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Going Ballistic: Circular Strength Training for Boxing Manual
Going Ballistic: Circular Strength Training for Boxing Manual
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Hit like a truck and outlast any opponent! Developed by Head Coach Brandon Jones, a veteran boxer and martial arts instructor, the Going Ballistic: Circular Strength Training for Boxing Manual represents a sophisticated new approach to fight preparation. Breaking with tradition, this manual does away with many time-honored boxing myths and habits while presenting a comprehensive explanation of training secrets for practitioners of the "Sweet Science" and other combat sports.

  • Tapping into the body's energy systems for your event profile
  • Breaking away from training myths and outdated practices
  • Triangle Point: balance, footwork, timing and conserving your energy
  • Joint Mass Center: creating opportunities in clinch work
  • Emotional Joint Mass Center: using instinctive stress responses to put your opponent on the mat
  • Footwork for power and speed: Slingshot, Box Step, Line Step, Triangle Step and Circle Step
  • Protocols for training speed strength
  • Many Clubbell® exercises, including: Rabbit Holes, Reverse Mills, High Pulls, Double Mills, and the Slide Series
  • Incorporating Body-Flow and Intu-Flow into your training program

Be the best-prepared fighter in the ring! Due to its demanding and sophisticated nature, advanced skill with Clubbells is strongly recommended for practice of the Going Ballistic program. Familiarity with the complete RMAX Performance Enhancement Library will greatly assist your practice.