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Prasara Yoga Book
Prasara Yoga Book
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The First Book on Prasara Yoga!
Know Flow - Be Yoga: The Beginner's Guide to Prasara Yoga

This book by Scott Sonnon (one of the most influential fitness trainers and coaches of our time, creator of the "World's Smartest Workout" and the man responsible for introducing the Prasara approach to the West) is the "bible" of dynamic flow yoga, and its impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. This book culminates years of research into the psychological athletic phenomenon known as "Flow state" or "the Zone". Now, through this "3rd Evolution of Yoga", even non-athletes can tap into this biological heritage of the optimal human experience where everything feels, looks, and just "goes right" the way you want it to. With photograph examples and exercise descriptions, this book takes the reader from beginning poses, ties them together with simple breathing techniques and unlocks the most powerful virtue in human physical life: flow.

171 pages

For more information on the Prasara Yoga Book, to check the Table of Contents, to read the Introduction, and much more, visit: www.PrasaraYoga.com