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Softwork™ Package
Softwork™ Package
Softwork™ Package
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* Please note the 3DPP Manual is Only Avaialable as a PDF-Download 

This is a new approach to exploration of movement and stress adaptation in combat preparation. Its emphasis on biomechanical principles and dissolution of tension density allow for the application of Softwork principles to any form of martial training while providing a complete method of practice in itself.

The Three-Dimensional Performance Pyramid manual

This manual lays out the theory and practical application of Softwork. A handy reference for combat enthusiasts, it provides a conceptual framework for understanding the roles and goals of Softwork in your martial pratice.

  • Development of the 3DPP: Performance Diagnostic Trinity and the Training Hierarchy Pyramid.
  • General Physical Preparedness, Specific Physical Preparedness, and Incremental Progression.
  • Flow State and the Hard Work – Soft Work Continuum; Static, Fluid and Dynamic Drills.
  • The Three Approaches to Martial Arts and the Neuroendochrine Response.
  • Stress Levels and the Nature of Expertise.
  • Practice and Competitive Faces of the 3DPP.
  • The Flow State Performance Spiral, the Awareness Dome and the Vortex.

Softwork: Integrating Structure DVD (115 min)

This lecture and demonstration, presented at the first Softwork seminar, bridges the gap between theory and practice. Using R. Buckminster Fuller's Tensegrity Model as an example, Coach Scott Sonnon explains how the integration and exploration of breath, structure and movement can unlock undeveloped potential.

  • Integration of Breathing, Structure and Movement.
  • Relative intensity: its effects on thinking, emotions, breathing and tension.
  • Manipulating relative intensity to increase effectiveness of practice.
  • Tension: regulating our own and manipulation of density in others.
  • The Tensegrity Model and anatomical principles of balanced tension.
  • Density: Causes, detection, manipulation and disintegration.
  • Taking advantage of trained tension patterns in opponents.
  • Recovery from and use of force applied against us.
  • Force application in practice for the good of your partner.
  • Expectations and disrupting ingrained reactions in practice and competition.
  • Training to become free of ingrained tension and its effects.
  • Partner practice to break up density patterns and develop improved recovery.

Softwork 2-DVD set (195 min)

This groundbreaking 2-DVD set shows Softwork in action. Practical explanation of key concepts is accompanied by unrehearsed demonstration of applications in striking, standing grappling, ground fighting, weapons, multiple attacker practice and more.

  • Breath, Structure, Movement and the role of tension chains in exploratory practice
  • Progressions for working with single and multiple partners
  • Standing Shock Absorption: Deprogramming force-related fear-reactivity with movement
  • Striking: Heavy and deep practice protocols, and applications of Non-traditional and Dependent hitting
  • 3 Strategies: Withdrawal, Confirmation and Revolution
  • Leg Density: Identification and dissolution of trained density patterns
  • Global - Local - Global: Practical concepts for developing mental toughness
  • Exploring, Exploiting and Releasing Density
  • Leg Fencing: Creating takedown opportunities through flowing movement sensitivity
  • Touch Response: Spontaneous force sensitivity in attack and defense
  • Putting It All Together: Developing and practicing dynamic drills
  • Ground Evasion: Exploring your options with standing partners
  • Blade Work: Overcoming fear-reactivity, time-framing and training kinesthetic awareness without patterns
  • Stick Work: "Snagging the sweater", exploiting tension chains and use of tactical force application
  • Ground Fighting: Principles of non-technical practice, use of pressure and investigation of core density
  • Guiding Flow: Movement between techniques, Triangle Theory of joint locks, selective tension and soft movement
  • Why being a Good Partner is more important than being a Good Student
  • Grappling: Loading and tension-induced weakness
  • Coaching Guidance: Getting the most from Softwork practice and developing Good Partners for mutual benefit

"Like the center of the place that all techniques come from," the concepts and principles demonstrated may be explored in many ways regardless of your fighting style. This complete Softwork Package is recommended for serious practitioners.