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TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz
TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz
TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz
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Discover The Leading Kettlebell Program That Originated Behind the Iron Curtain, Has Been Tuned With Modern Sport Science, And Proven Effective In The Field By Athletes, Special Operations Personnel and Regular Joes - You Too Can Build A Lean & Sleek Muscularity While Boosting Your Performance & Health To New Heights

TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz is a unique kettlebell training program developed by Hall of Fame Coach Scott Sonnon. Coach Sonnon’s travel and personal training through Russia led him to develop a fundamental kettlebell training program to share with his students. He had discovered that the key to effective training was to focus on the basics. Master each level of movement, before progressing to the next. The incremental complexity included in TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz allow for continual improvement of the neuromuscular system. This translates to effective weight-loss and muscle building. 4 levels of complexity means that you can begin this program at any level and track your progress as you move through the progressions.

The sophistication level in this program is what makes it different from other kettlebell training programs on the market today. Instead of focusing on counting reps, volume, rate, etc., TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz emphasizes technique and mastering the basics. We do not believe that exercising faster or stronger is better. Only better is better! Through progressive levels of sophistication, this program can help you sculpt that chiseled physique you have always desired. But that is not all. TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz will make you stronger and faster, all in less than 30 minutes a day. The programming and progression of exercises ensures that you will minimize the risk for training related injuries, which more importantly, translates to a better quality of life.

TACFIT® is the original Tactical Fitness System, created by Scott B. Sonnon. Tactical Fitness is defined as:

Tactical: Of, relating to, or constituting a series of actions, carefully synchronized, coordinated, planned and executed to achieve a specific end.

• Fitness: methods, protocols and principles to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare, mitigate and compensate for specific occupational, recreational and lifestyle stressors.

• Tactical Fitness, therefore, is a contiguous approach for specific physical preparation to enter, overcome, and recover from stressors in such a way that the individual and team become stronger, better and healthier from the stressors, rather than deteriorate from them.


How Going Behind The Iron Curtain Opened My Eyes To Our Weakness

By Scott Sonnon

"When I left for Russia, I was a lot like you. I was thirsty for the truth about effective training. I was tired of gimmicks and “flavour of the month” fat loss & muscle building scams. I crossed an ocean in search of the TIME-TESTED methods old school Eastern athletes had been using for generations, to not only build awe-inspiring physiques but to out-perform their Western counterparts at every turn. In the West, it seemed like we were constantly focused on tools and tricks. The latest trend proved irresistible as it pulled us off track from our performance and our physique goals. $10,000 machines were shiny distractions from real progress. What I discovered behind the Iron Curtain changed everything. I found methods that would propel me, my athletes and eventually my physique clients directly to their goals — both rapidly and sustainably — using a single tool that was as simple and raw as it was effective. Almost unknown back in those days, the simple kettlebell has exploded in popularity here in the West. But most people — even well educated coaches — still aren't using it to it's full potential. 

“Most programs out there focus only on working muscle and burning fat” 

Unfortunately, when it comes to building a great physique and ensuring optimal performance in your sport or on the job, most programs out there focus only on working muscle and burning fat. And as a result, program designs are usually limited to one-dimensional gross motor movements. Make no mistake. Conventional kettlebell exercises are tough. And you FEEL like you're getting a great workout. But there's a glass ceiling to what you're able to accomplish with brute force alone. If you've ever worked with my TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz programs, you'll know that won't happen with my material. When in Russia, I immediately recognized how to apply the methods I was learning from the country's top sport scientists and coaches to this timeless tool. The training system I came up with was so powerful that I even ended up coaching their Spetsnaz coaches and personnel. At the time, having a foreigner in that role was unheard of — and more than a little controversial. The fact that they even allowed it spoke volumes about the powerful results I was getting with my approach.

The Solution? Use tactical and functional kettlebell training methods 

Because I've put in the time, you don't have to. By following the programs I've developed for my special operations clients and law enforcement units, you can expect a wide array of benefits, including… accelerated fat loss lean and sleek muscular development functional carryover into your sport or occupation better coordination and timing in all physical tasks increased adherence to your exercise program and even a ramped up metabolism

Part Of The Secret — Variety And Progression

It's important that your training be infused with variety and progression. Unfortunately, that's a rarity in most kettlebell programs. If you stick to those “other” programs, you'll eventually either get bored and give up, your body will begin to break down from injury and overuse, or you'll reach an unbreakable plateau in your progress. That's because your focus on muscle building and fat loss ignores the most crucial element in your training — your nervous system.

Sophisticated Programming Will Turbo Charge Your Nervous System

And that truly is the key. The nervous system drives everything. If you don't challenge, stimulate and develop it, your progress will stop dead in the water. The key to optimizing your workouts and fully stimulating your nervous system for maximum physical development is the inclusion of exercise sophistication. What's that? Essentially, it boils down to starting with a simple movement and adding small pieces of complexity only when your nervous system is ready to take on the next challenge. Incrementally stimulating the nervous system without blowing a fuse by adding too much motor complexity too quickly. You first learn to apply your maximum effort to a basic movement. And then — when you're ready — you move on to the next level and do the same. Motor programming is an admittedly complicated subject. But you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. I've taken care of the entire process for you in TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz. Just follow the step by step progression and you'll have everything you need to take that next big leap in your training. Whether you're an athlete, a soldier, a police officer or just a regular guy or gal who wants to look and feel great, this kettlebell program is perfect for you. If you put in the effort, you can expect that fat to drip off your body as you reshape a lean and sleek muscularity. You'll notice your movements becoming more refined as your timing and coordination sharpens. And you'll even notice that picking up new skills in other areas, such as sports or on the job, will become easier as your nervous system begins to function at entirely new levels.

What do the Professionals Have to Say? 

“Most of the sports conditioning information out there is nothing but the same rehashed stuff. I dare you to find Scott Sonnon's unique material in another source! Sonnon is without doubt one of the top conditioning coaches in the US, the thinking man's coach. He is the hologram man. Try and hit him and he disappears” - Pavel Tsatsouline, former USSR Special Forces Spetsnaz Physical Training Instructor, Military Master of Sport in Kettlebell Lifting, Author of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and Enter the Kettlebell.

Coach Scott Sonnon is one of the most engaging Fitness Celebrities that I have ever worked with. It's paramount for me to associate with true experts, not just popular figureheads, when it comes to my organizational leaders and colleagues. His Army of CST Coaches have steadily been joining American Kettlebell Club to expand their effectiveness, and I've not only been impressed with their ability to move athletically, equally by their professionalism. It's a testament to their Head Coach!” - Valery Fedorenko, World and Honored Master of Sport in Kettlebell Lifting, World Champion and Record Holder, Head Coach of the American Kettlebell Club

“I have seen probably every single kettlebell related instructional DVD that is out there and the REAL difference with Sonnon is his way of explaining why, everybody else is telling what and how and that is just fine but when you reach a certain point it is absolutely vital to have this info. Vital ” - Teemu J. Kettlebell Enthusiast and Coach


The Complete TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz Training System Includes:


TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz Start Up Guide

The 33 page Start up Guide unlocks secrets that are being used right now by the most elite personnel around the world to create lean, sleek muscularity and constant mission readiness — with one of the most portable fitness tools on the planet. In this fundamental guide, Coach Sonnonteaches you how to trigger your nervous system to drive rapid gains in muscle, fat loss, coordination, and skill acquisition. He also offers three different ways to work through this four-month training progression — so you’re guaranteed to discover a regimen that fits even the busiest lifestyle.

TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz Daily Journals

The Daily Journal component makes it simple to follow the program design. You’re still expected to do the work, but we’ve taken care of all the details. 8 Journals to choose from. Simply choose the program level — Pre-Recruit, Recruit, Grunt, or Commando— turn to the page, watch the corresponding video, do the workout, and get back to your life.

Follow the plan, reap the rewards. It's that simple. 

Mission Instructional Briefings Videos

Coach Sonnon instructs you through each level of every exercise for every workout in the program, and he does it with a greater degree of precision and accessibility than you’ve ever experienced in a fitness product. You will love these 4 high-quality video briefings.

Follow Along Mission Simulation Videos

There is no excuse for not getting in shape when all you have to do press play on a video and follow along. Coach Sonnon walks you through each level of TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz in a series of 4 video training sessions. Feel free to download them to your desktop, or even drop the iPod ready m4v version straight into your portable device and take your follow-along workouts with you wherever you go!

Follow Along Videos for Recovery

These 2 follow-along video routines — one for mobility and one for compensatory stretching — will expedite your recovery between kettlebell sessions so you are always ready to train your best. A personal best performance becomes a never ending series when you begin practicing these secret recovery exercises. And you don’t have to waste time with additional core-engaging warm ups or cool down stretching either. These movements were precisely engineered to prepare you for your workout in the most efficient way possible, and they target exactly the areas that need releasing afterwards. You aren’t just stacking muscle and burning fat with this program. You’re discovering pain-free movement and exploring entirely new worlds of your fitness potential.

Bonus Components : Furnace Zero and Pillars

Furnace Zero and Pillars together with TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz maximize recovery, accelerate muscle growth and fat loss, and stimulate the nervous system to move better, smoother and pain-free: the ultimate 1-2-3 knockout combination.

TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz is the most sophisticated and original kettlebell program on the market today. It taps into nervous system sophistication by using simple exercises at the lowest level and adding small pieces of complexity when your nervous system is ready to take on the next challenge. This translates to rapid results, refined coordination and timing, and the ability to learn complex new skills with ease. The program includes four levels of difficulty (beginner to advanced) for 4 full months of training progressions.

Who Is Scott Sonnon? Scott B. Sonnon is COO for RMAX International. He is an adjunct instructor for the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and has acted as an SME for many agencies including: Israeli LOTAR Counter-Terror Academy, NYPD Academy, 3/160th SOAR, U.S. Marshals Academy, U.S. DHS Office of State and Local Law Enforcement, the US CBP Use of Force Center and several U.S. Military SOF Units. He provides his consulting to the U.S. Veterans Hospitals as a service. Scott developed the health first system: Circular Strength Training® to focus on deployable strength, mobility and resiliency. Since 1997, he has been teaching worldwide. In every country, he found the same problem: warriors shaped like their jobs, carrying an accumulated stress load; leading to shortened careers and "rusty armor."

In answer, Scott developed TACFIT and the first tactical fitness instructor certification course available. TACFIT athletes recover faster from acute stress response and shed chronic stress load from training and career. TACFIT has been administered to over 4,000 trainers worldwide. Units in more than 13 allied countries have formally implemented TACFIT. Scott has been named by Men’s Health Magazine as one of the Top 25 Trainers in the World, and one of the 7 Most Influential Instructors of this Century by Black Belt Magazine, earning him a place in the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Personal Trainer Hall of Fame and the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is a 5-time world martial arts champion and 6-time USA National Team Coach. He is the holder of several patents including the Clubbell®, has written 7 books, published 43 training manuals, and developed 53 specific fitness programs. 

Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.The written material is in the PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are available in the .m4v format. Largest PDF manual size is appr. 110MB. Largest video file is appr. 166MB. Appr. total space needed: 975MB