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The Complete Clubbell Training Package
The Complete Clubbell Training Package
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While the design of the Clubbell® may have been based on the Indian Clubs, Coach Sonnon has dramatically sophisticated their use and brought to the table an exponentially greater number of exercises than the old school club swingers could’ve ever imagined. There is no source on the planet that provides a greater variety of exercises and thorough explanations of how to safely and efficiently use the Clubbell to achieve fantastic results. If you want to see the possibilities and variety of Clubbell exercises, this is the package for you!

This Package contains:

Throughout world history the club has been utilized not only for combat but also for health restoration and strength development. Records of club use date as far back as ancient Egypt, with the practice reaching its peak at the end of the 19th century.

Scott Sonnon, creator of the patented Clubbell®, has resurrected this ancient discipline through his own extensive research, experimentation, and personal practice. He has successfully integrated, evolved, and refined the club into one of the most "simply sophisticated" exercise approaches ever created — the Circular Strength Training® (CST) System. Going far beyond the limited practice of old-style "Indian Clubs," the CST system contains a collection of nearly 100 proprietary Clubbell® Training Exercises. As part of this fitness movement, Coach Sonnon also created International Clubbell® Sport, which has attracted athletes from around the globe.

Clubbell® Training provides a unique blend of functional, full-range, three-dimensional muscular development that stands in stark contrast to the problematic limitations of conventional two-dimensional linear training. Practicing this system revitalizes, reenergizes and reorganizes every unused and overabused cell in your body from head to toe, core to periphery, and bones to skin.

Benefits of Clubbell® Training include increased metabolism for a day-long fat burn, the breakup of restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits around the joints, the release of bound tension, the generation of tremendous energy and vitality, increased bone density, and injury prevention. CST training promotes significant gains in strength, power, stamina, endurance, and general health and longevity. It is the most fun that one can possibly have exercising!

Topics include:

  • The 7 key components of Clubbell® Training
  • Safety guidelines and basic mechanics
  • The 14 basic positions
  • Detailed descriptions of the 3 Types of Clubbell® movements
  • The 8 skill families of Clubbell® Training
  • 82 basic exercises of this powerful system
  • 25 sport-specific sample programs for golf, tennis, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey
  • 292 pages, 8.375" x 10.75"
  • hundreds of step-by-step photographs

Scott Sonnon, multiple-sport International Champion and multiple-time USA National Martial Arts Team coach and multiple-time Hall of Fame inductee, has invested nearly two decades training in 9 different countries in the research, development, and refinement of Circular Strength Training®. The design and refinement of this revolutionary fitness paradigm continues to evolve through the efforts of Coach Sonnon and his personally certified cadre of instructors and coaches numbering in the hundreds worldwide.

Scott is recognized worldwide as a pioneer, not merely of a new approach to fitness but of an entirely new approach to health and total well-being. He has written several books and has published hundreds of articles in dozens of international journals in several languages. He has also produced more than 50 videos on this modern evolution of ancient bodily wisdom. Coach Sonnon's work has touched tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, including professional athletes, doctors, trainers, actors, coaches, and health and fitness specialists.

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training culminates over 21,000 hours of real time coaching by the RMAX faculty of everyone from professional athletes looking to gain the performance edge to everyday people looking for a fun, functional fitness.

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training is the most comprehensive course ever created involving easy-to-follow, clear-and-simple instructions teaching you the 7 Key Components of each of the core 140 exercises in this powerful system of physical transformation. You can just zip right to the exercise you want to learn and follow along, although you have nearly FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of exercises to choose from!

Clubbell® Training provides a unique blend of functional, full-range, three-dimensional muscular development that stands in contradistinction to the problematic limitations of conventional two-dimensional linear training. Following this system will transform your health from head to toe, core to periphery, and bones to skin as you revitalize, re-energize, and reorganize every unused and over-abused cell in your body.

Clubbell® Training cascades all of your fitness needs: from strength, power, stamina, endurance and general health and longevity to sport specific programs for golf, tennis, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer and hockey.

Clubbell® Training increases one's metabolism for a day-long fat burn, breaks up restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits around the joints, releases bound tension, generates tremendous energy and vitality, increases bone density, and prevents injuries. It’s the most fun that you can possibly have exercising!

Within this 5 DVD Encyclopedia you will find:

  • Disc I: Key Components, Guidelines, Mechanics and Positions
  • Disc II: 37 Basic Rhythmic Exercises
  • Disc III: 46 Basic Ballistic Exercises
  • Disc IV: 44 Basic Grinding Exercises
  • Disc V: 13 “Most Popular” Combination Routines

  • Running time: 261 mins

Come get involved with the first true "health club" in history!