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The FlowFighting Three
The FlowFighting Three
The FlowFighting Three
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Wellness involves integrating breathing, movement and structure, and martial art involves dis-integrating the breathing, movement and structure of your opponent. Unfortunately, stress, trauma and fear disintegrate this wellness triumvirate, too. Residual tension, sensory motor amnesia, fear-reactivity and myofascial density usually result from compensatory tension created as a reaction to a source injury. Pain and problems can appear very distant from the original injury. Hence our adherence to the maxim, the site is not the source.

When it comes to drastically increasing performance in martial art, no one does it better than RMAX. See why and how in this package. The FlowFighting Three have been described as the most evolutionary approach to martial arts training ever presented on video. Coach Sonnon and his team of coaches present the strategic insights, tactical drills and technical secrets that guarantee to skyrocket your performance in ANY martial art system or style. Incremental and sustainable progression is the key to dramatic and ongoing improvement. The Softwork to Hardwork continuum is the key! You'll never look at your training the same way again.

The FlowFighting 3 Package includes:

Softwork 2-DVD set

The root words of competition mean "to seek together," an opportunity to learn with the help of others. With Softwork, Coach Scott Sonnon provides a training approach that synergizes creativity in partner work and breaths fresh new life into effective martial practice.

Softwork is a culmination of many years of training and practical research on both sides of the planet. As a non-dogmatic, non-stylistic practice methodology, it challenges the martial enthusiast to explore and develop beyond the bounds of traditional expectations. Based upon anatomical fact and applied biomechanical principles, it serves as a performance diagnostic tool, a technical enhancement practice and an opportunity to supercharge attribute development with your partners. Filmed at the first Softwork seminar, this program unifies the many branches of previously-released RMAX FlowFighting Systems and Circular Strength Training programs.

  • Breath, Structure, Movement and the role of tension chains in exploratory practice
  • Progressions for working with single and multiple partners
  • Standing Shock Absorption: Deprogramming force-related fear-reactivity with movement
  • Striking: Heavy and deep practice protocols, and applications of Non-traditional and Dependent hitting
  • 3 Strategies: Withdrawal, Confirmation and Revolution
  • Leg Density: Identification and dissolution of trained density patterns
  • Global - Local - Global: Practical concepts for developing mental toughness
  • Exploring, Exploiting and Releasing Density
  • Leg Fencing: Creating takedown opportunities through flowing movement sensitivity
  • Touch Response: Spontaneous force sensitivity in attack and defense
  • Putting It All Together: Developing and practicing dynamic drills
  • Ground Evasion: Exploring your options with standing partners
  • Blade Work: Overcoming fear-reactivity, time-framing and training kinesthetic awareness without patterns
  • Stick Work: "Snagging the sweater", exploiting tension chains and use of tactical force application
  • Ground Fighting: Principles of non-technical practice, use of pressure and investigation of core density
  • Guiding Flow: Movement between techniques, Triangle Theory of joint locks, selective tension and soft movement
  • Why being a Good Partner is more important than being a Good Student
  • Grappling: Loading and tension-induced weakness
  • Coaching Guidance: Getting the most from Softwork practice and developing Good Partners for mutual benefit


"Like the center of the place that all techniques come from," Softwork provides the principles to manifest appropriate responses to any given scenario. The concepts may be adapted to the practice of any form of combat.

Complementing the standard Hardwork practice methods (sparring, rolling, scenarios, etc.) used in most fighting styles, Softwork provides a safe platform for fruitful daily practice.

At 195 minutes, the 2-DVD Softwork Set provides an abundance of information for your immediate application. 

Integrating Structure DVD

Coach Scott Sonnon's lecture demonstrates and clarifies the principles that underlay Circular Strength Training and FlowFighting Systems. Understanding these unifying concepts is the key to understanding how different programs relate to one another and how they can be integrated with non-RMAX disciplines. Among other points, Softwork: Integrating Structure addresses:


  • Integration of Breathing, Structure and Movement.
  • Relative intensity: its effects on thinking, emotions, breathing and tension.
  • Manipulating relative intensity to increase effectiveness of practice.
  • Tension: regulating our own and manipulation of density in others.
  • The Tensegrity Model and anatomical principles of balanced tension.
  • Density: Causes, detection, manipulation and disintegration.
  • Taking advantage of trained tension patterns in opponents.
  • Recovery from and use of force applied against us.
  • Force application in practice for the good of your partner.
  • Expectations and disrupting ingrained reactions in practice and competition.
  • Training to become free of ingrained tension and its effects.
  • Partner practice to break up density patterns and develop improved recovery.


Tension determines the behavior and adaptability of our bodies, minds and emotions. In learning to control our tension levels under greater relative intensity, we become able to handle all kinds of stress more efficiently and effectively. This leads directly to performance improvements in all activities, increased strength and stamina, and better long-term health. In martial arts, we can attack tension chains to protect ourselves, gain control and take away our opponent's will to continue.

This lecture presents a "big picture" view of all RMAX programs and how they come together in Softwork. The training concepts demonstrated on the original Softwork DVD Set (shot the same weekend) demonstrate and expand on the points covered in this lecture. The Softwork: Integrating Structure DVD is a great resource for those incorporating any RMAX training materials into their personal practice.

Hardwork 3-DVD Set

Hardwork: Killing Me Softly is the culmination of an actual live training event conducted by the entire RMAX Head Coaching Staff, filmed at a live training seminar conducted in Scottland. Together, the RMAX Staff introduced a collection of athletes from around the world to the incremental progression from Softwork to Hardwork; what Coach Sonnon names, Effective Efficiency. 

Within this DVD, you will learn strategic insights, tactical drills, technical secrets, and a wealth of developmental exercises which you can practice at home, at your school or at your gym to increase your physical preparedness in ANY martial art system or style. Get prepared for the next step in the evolution of martial art: Hardwork!

This four hour long DVD set includes:

  • Striking & kicking
  • Shock Absorption
  • Grappling & ground-fighting
  • Throws & takedowns
  • Single & multiple attackers
  • Knife defense against single and multiple opponents
  • Physiological and Psychological manipulation
  • Emotional control in combat Environmental combat multipliers
  • 3 DVDs: 2 Hardwork DVDs, plus bonus disc Combat Warm-up/Cool-down
  • Running time: ~ 4 hours!!!
  • Hardwork DVD Movie Trailer
Note: Digital Download Requires Approximately 5.8 G.B. of  Space.
Add'l Note: No Shipping to the UK: RMAX.tv Productions initially granted distribution rights for the "FlowFighting Three" titles to a company in the UK. However, since RMAX no longer maintains a business relationship with this company, RMAX.tv Productions elects not to make any referrals to the said company.