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The Mobility Ring Program
The Mobility Ring Program
The Mobility Ring Program
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Scott Sonnon's innovative Mobility Ring program uses a simple gymnastics-style shaped ring to address one of the most complex multi-joint areas of the body: the human arm.

The human arm, comprised of the hand, elbow, and shoulder joints, makes for one of the most common, and expensive, injury prone limbs of the body. The extensive myofascial lines that attach throughout the arm can be followed all the way up into the neck and spine. This, along with being one of the most dominantly used appendages, makes the health of our arms and shoulders a critical factor in the function and shape of our bodies.

Mobility Ring is not a stretching program; it is a protocol for the development of functional athletic tension, mobilization of the joints in their full range of motion, and activation of the muscles to perform at their optimized occupational readiness. Coach Sonnon will take you through the carefully developed science of this approach and how it applies to the body, then breakdown each of the drills and their intended sequences for maximum results.

A truly unique program for all fitness enthusiasts, professional or amateur athletes, and those who strive to achieve the highest level of occupational physical readiness; the Mobility Ring program by Coach Scott Sonnon is a must have and a must learn.

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* Please Note the Mobility Ring is a Digital Program. Package Includes Guidebook, Technique Manual, 28 Instructional Videos and 1 Follow-Along Video!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Mobility Ring:

Q: I am new to exercise. Can I still use this program?

The Mobility Ring isnít a physical workout program. You shouldnít experience exercise intensity, as it doesnít require exertion. The Mobility Ring uses joint mobility and myofascial release as a form of recovery training. So, everyone from complete novice to elite expert can benefit from the Mobility Ring

Q: How much time should I dedicate to this program?

Even if you performed all of the exercises in the entire system, it would only take 7 minutes a day. But you donít need to perform it every day. Once every four days can give you optimal preventative effects. However, you can apply one of the exercises, which takes only seconds since the Mobility Ring is so accessible and portable. It doesnít require any exertion, so you can keep it at the office, in the car, in a bag, or under the coffee table.

Q: What benefits can I expect from using this program?

The benefits of the Mobility Ring are so numerous! However, here are the Top 10 winners:

1. Improve Muscle Relaxation and Decreased Hypertonicity: the Mobility Ring facilitates the reduction and elimination of chronic muscle tension in the arms, which aids in the alleviation of dysfunction and pain.

2. Suppress Trigger Point Sensitivity: the Mobility Ring helps to suppress the sensitivity of trigger points, which helps to promote pain-reducing endorphins-release.

3. Enhance Tissue Recovery and Decrease Soreness: the Mobility Ring improves blood circulation, which facilitates oxygen and nutrient tissue delivery.

4. Restore Joint Range of Motion: the Mobility Ring helps to reset and optimize the length-tension relationship (called myofasical tensegrity) to prepare the joint loading, tissue stretching and muscle activation critical to both occupational and recreational activities.

5. Release Adhesions and Scar Tissue: the Mobility Ring helps to restore muscle and fascia elasticity which improves motor quality, efficiency and precision while preventing pain.

6. Reduce Inflammation: Compounds, called Cytokines, play a critical role in inflammation are reduced through the Mobility Ring.

7. Accelerate Muscle Growth and Repair: the Mitochondria of cells increase their activity due to the Mobility Ring which accelerates muscle growth and repair.

8. Enhance Neuromuscular Efficiency and Awareness: When a joint is compressed, it distorts accurate information to your brain. The Mobility Ring clears disconnects between the brain and the bodyís system of sensors, and improves the effectiveness while decreasing the energy required for movement.

9. Prevent Fatigue: If a joint lacks its full range of motion, your brain detects immobility, and begins a shut-down process to protect from mis-use and over-exertion injuries. The Mobility Ring allows you to have 100% access to your readiness capabilities locked within your upper extremities.

10. Diminish Overall Stress: Dysfunction and pain cause the stress systems of the central nervous system to remain switched-on, which in turn disrupts sleep, learning, memory and quality of life. Most of our stress is reflexively reflected in our arm tension. The Mobility Ring was designed specifically to release it!

Q: How can I use Mobility Ring with other fitness programs?

The Mobility Ring can be used as a recovery day program, as a warm-up, as a cool-down, or in between sets for a reset. Itís as versatile as any roller, ball or band!

What Do Others In the RMAX Community Say About the Mobility Ring?

"This ring distills movement restrictions down to their root quickly and ef?ciently; offering both a humbling awareness of, and an immediate solution for, excess tension in the upper body. It is a simple, accessible tool for succinctly identifying both compensated and compensating tissues. Through leveraging your own limbs into the ring, it goes to work pulping apart the myo-fascial density for effective restoration of optimal function. humbling awareness of, and an immediate solution for, excess tension in the upper body. It is a simple, accessible tool for succinctly identifying both compensated and compensating tissues. Through leveraging your own limbs into the ring, it goes to work pulping apart the myo-fascial density for effective restoration of optimal function.

The Mobility Ring is like nothing i have learned previously. There is nothing on the market designed to target the complex spiral lines of the arm with more precision and ease than this ring. As a coach I aim to empower my students/clients with tools that provide functionally relevant improvements in their movement quality and complexity, as it applies to the demands of their daily life, sports and occupation. As an athlete myself, with no time to waste on gimmicks and hype, I am critical of most "trigger point therapy" toys claiming more bene?t than they actually deliver. The Mobility Ring protocol, as taught by Scott Sonnon, is the most uniquely accurate tool I have used to date. It is not easy, but it is simple. It is not comfortable, it is effective. It addresses pain with productive discomfort and brings relief to accumulated tension and movement limitations.

I now use the Mobility Ring protocol as a daily check-in to know where my body needs additional release, where it requires heightened attention to range of motion, and where it is feeling free to move. These skills compliment the demands of strength training and eliminate the threat of accumulating residual tension in the grip, wrist, elbows, shoulders and neck for positive adaptation. Regaining con?dence through pain relief is an invaluable gift and a solid demonstration of the ef?cacy and value of proper neuro-mobility training".

- Alaina Sawaya CSCS

"The instant I opened the (brilliant, of course) manual for Scott Sonnon's new Mobility Ring program, I had a flash of insight. I'd wondered what he'd been up to, down his creative rabbit hole for so long with the world's greatest warriors, and giving that amazing brain of his an opportunity to really ask: "what's next.Ē Well, I'll tell you what's next, and its really been right in front of us for years. 

Scott is applying his massive energies and protean knowledge based and life experience to deconstructing and re-constructing ancient technologies of mind and body. From the moment I listened to his "Flow State Performance Spiral" I knew he was creating bridges between the metaphorical/metaphysical language of Chi Gung and Yoga to the no-B.S., real world physiological stress studies of military special forces. 

Mobility Ring looks into the health benefits of a traditional Chinese martial arts training tool, the Bagua steel ring. But because it ultimately comes down to joint mobility and stored elastic energy, he has also, inevitably opened the door to understanding a higher level of the "hidden secrets" of the combat arts themselves as the two are indivisible. 

The Mobility Ring is a fabulous addition to his mobility collection, but more, it is a hint of wonders to come. I, for one, cannot wait."
- Steven Barnes, 
New York Times Best Selling Author

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